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He recently established his own clinic and performs his major surgeries at the most prestigious hospitals.

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Abdominoplasty is accepted as being one of the most satisfactory surgery. Generally, this surgery is preferred for fixing loose abdominal skin that appears after giving birth.

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Breast Lift

Breast Lift surgeries fix breast deformities arising out of rapid weight gain/loss or giving birth. Technically these surgeries are like breast reduction surgeries.

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Breast Reduction

Some people’s breast size is bigger than normal. Apart from aesthetic concerns, these people generally suffer from neck or back pain which requires surgical intervention.

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Breast Augmentation Surgery (Silicone Breast Surgery)

Breast Augmentation or Silicone Breast Surgery is a surgical intervention that is used for shaping and increasing the size of breast. In recent years, with developing technology, silicone breast prosthesis implants are improved and came to a level that does not pose an obstacle with regards to health. Application of these prosthesis became as popular as tooth prosthesis.

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Rhinoplasty is the most popular surgery regarding aesthetic surgeries. When you hear the word “rhinoplasty” the first thing comes to your mind is probably a small upturned nose with apparent nostrils.

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Prof. Dr. Birol CİVELEK

Prof. Birol Civelek, MD

Oran Mah. Turan Güneş Bul. No: 180 Y/ 21 (Park Oran Ofis 8. Kat) ÇANKAYA/ANKARA